A refractometer is a precise optical instrument. It is small, light needs only a few drops of solution to take a measurement and is very user-friendly. These are uniquely designed on the principle of total reflection to measure the refractive index, which is provided with a built-in ocular scale and On Inspection devices. Features:
· Easy And very convenient to use

Models with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) are ideal for varying temperature conditions during a production process. These simple, reliable handheld refractometers are suitable for fruit juices, jam, honey, soft drinks, and ripeness of fruit, the sugar content of beet and cane juices, sauces, soluble oils, detergents, anti-freeze, and numerous other products. All models are manufactured from brass with a satin chrome finish and have rubber-insulated grips, a zero adjusting screw for calibration and eyepiece focusing.

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