Embalming Machine

The body of the Embalming Machine(Cadaverous Injector) machine is made of Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel (As required).
For injecting formaldehyde solution in cadaverous at much higher speed than normal gravity process.
Unit is fully covered mounted on a portable trolley having four castor wheels for easy movement.
Unit consists of one air compressor which is connected with a stainless steel tank of 10 liters capacity meant for storing and injecting the solution.
Incorporated with latest Reciprocatory pressuring unit for efficient performance.
The machine is Completely Noiseless and Vibration free which justifies the Superiority of our machine from the other brands available.
Tank is fitted with a safety valve, pressure gauge and rubber tubing having provision for injection.
Supplied complete with electric cord, plug and suitable to work on 220 volts, 1ph 50 hz.

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